Monday, October 28, 2013


Well I have been procrastinating, and now its catching up to me. I have not worked on my kids Halloween costumes and Halloween is only a few days away! I'm usually pretty good at getting their things started early. so this will be a very short post because i'm off to get the supplies needed and will be back with updates for now I will be leaving you with their costumes from last year.

all costumes were made by me including the zombie make up, for the zombies I used unflavored gelatin, oatmeal, glycerin, water , corn syrup , food coloring and regular make up to match our skin color. my son was Bumblebee transformer that actually transformed he won first place in a Halloween costume contest. his costume consisted of cardboard lots and lots of hot glue, yellow and black acrylic paints, solar lights from the backyard and a mask and suit bought on sale the previous year for about 3 dollars. my smallest trick or treater's costume consisted of a hand crochet cherry hat with a pipe cleaner for a stem, cotton batting from an old pillow, paper sprinkles, hot glue, pink acrylic paint, and a thrifted lampshade that I purchased for about two dollars.
original photo taken by our local radio station

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