Monday, August 26, 2013


Hi and welcome to my new blog!
Now I'm starting my new blog with lots of previous DIY post from my other blog which has been abandoned for almost 3 years now(insert sad face here) anyways i will try and place my older post with what has been updated and or changed around here. 
lets take a look at my laundry closet and what went into it

(Just don't look too close at my WONDERFUL CHALK PAINT JOB)
let get started. I made the chalkboard with a $2 cabinet door that I purchased from the Restore, the little jar i had lying around and used preglued squares of felt to it to give it a little fun. I use this jar to place pocket items before putting clothes in the washer now to the great reveal OK not so great but great to me.


AHHHHHHHHHH doesnt it make you wanna do laundry?

So let break down the total cost of this redo
cabinets $30
Paint $1.00 yes you heard that right ONE DOLLAR
Shelve $2.00
Chalkboard $2.00
Glass for soap $10.00 (wal mart)
Bins $1.00 each (dollar tree)
grand total $48 cha-ching 
I'm not sure why my daughter says I'm a cheap wad, I just enjoy saving money