Friday, October 11, 2013

Paper floor update

Hi there I just got my camera back from the repair shop! yay whooo hooo uh huh uh huh doing the happy dance over here. I can now have way better images on my blog again. Anyways here are some updated photos of my paper floor just don't mind the unfinished decor and broken furniture. I managed to break one of my bookshelves when moving them back in, I should have waited for the hubby to be here to help me out. I also need a new entertainment center. there are so many things that I need to get done and I just don't have enough time or energy.
Involving the update the floor is doing beautifully for almost a month now, the kids are definitely not easy on the floor, they spill they scuff and bring in lots of dust and dirt. We also have two chihuahuas the are always on running back and forth. It still looks great! super shiny, the only other thing I should have researched was the color. There is nothing wrong with the color I love it so much but since its a dark color every little speck of dust shows up. Its still 10 x better than it being stuck in the carpet. I dust mop every morning and mop with vinegar every other day and that's about all I have to do. I did place all the furniture on little felt pads so they could not scratch up the floor.

and if you look closely you can see exactly how dirty this floor is and i'm sorry but this is reality and we do live here. just keeping it real.

again very dusty and needs mopping, keeping it real


  1. very nice.Planning to attack my daughters room and remove that dreadful carpet. can't wait. just couple of questions, What size roll of paper did you use? How long was the planks? Was the paper sheets overlapped? Did you use stain? What kind did you recommend? was a staining brush used? and last what do you use to clean without hurting the surface?
    Thanks Mark

  2. I believe the roll size was 36inches wide, i just cut strips that were about four inches wide. They are overlapped just a little bit because my cuts were not straight. I used rustoleum wood stain in kona, but its a very dark color. You can leave the paper natural or use any stain you wish. I also used an inexpensive brush to apply the stain, then would wipe it with a cloth, to give it more of a wood grain effect. Finally i clean with vinegar, dawn and hot water. But im sure you can use any cleaning product as long as its nit abrasive.

  3. Wow! These are so beautiful! I've seen the other technique (tear and crinkle) and was planning to do that, but your floors are so beautiful, I think I've changed my mind! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi, thank you for posting this stunning floor! It's the nicest one I've seen and I've been watching the video's on youtube for close to a month now. I am going to go the same route that you did with the panels instead of randomly tearing up and crumbling the contractors paper. Would you mind answering a question for me? Did you first stain the contractors paper and then cut it with your quilt cutter? I have a channel on youtube called Patioelf where I have close to 80 videos on decoupage. You may want to have a look at some of the projects since I think they might be right up your alley, you can also do some with your kids! I also am the author of the book "Upcycle with Decoupage" so I am forever taking something old and making it look new again! You can see why your floor is so intriguing to me. I am now experimenting with the stains since the first one I used on the contractors paper was far too dark though really pretty. It was Mahogany so it had a rich reddish hue to it but it was too dark for my room. Tomorrow I'll be trying two lighter colors over the contractors paper. Hopefully one of the two of them be the one! Thank you again for your video and blog posts, you are a hard working women as well as a talented one! But it paid off right?
    Patti E.

    1. Hi Patti glad you stopped by, to answer your question no I cut the paper first,glued it to the floor then after it dried I stained it.
      I will definitely be stopping by your channel and looking at some of your videos and work.
      My floor is also very dark and I love it! trying to keep it clean with three kids is definitely a task of its own but I still would not change it

  5. Love your floors...I have a wood graining tool I wanted to use do you think it will work with the stain?