Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cast iron

I have fallen in love with cast iron. I originally started with my round griddle which I use to make tortillas. Reheat tamales, and make quesadillas yes I'm such a mexican lol! Then I found an old rusty pan at my moms house brought it home and did my research on how to clean it up and season it. After that I was hooked I got rid of my non stick aluminum cookware  and began the search for some more cast iron pieces. We live right next to a flea market. I found various pieces but the prices were a little steep for me.they were asking for 20-30$ a pan. I kept on searching I finally found a set of three at Wal-Mart for 20 bucks. Returned home and read the reviews and they were not great. I was determined to make them work I washed them and began the seasoning process. And  low and behold it worked they seasoned beautifully!! It has been six months since I have been using them and I am still very much in love with them. I also have a 6 qt dutch oven in my arsenal.
What's your favorite cookware?

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