About me

Hi and thank you for stopping by! My name is Diana I am soon to be 29. I am crazy wife and mother to three crazy kiddos. I Love to DIY so I have created this blog to record all of my crazy adventures and to show my children how things are made or created.

The Handsome Man of the house, I am so glad that he puts up with all of my craziness, thanks love.

Our oldest DD she is 11 and enjoys reading and being artsy and creative like her mother.

Our middle little man he is a very active and also creative 6 year old, who enjoys his spare time by torturing and tormenting his sisters. We also struggle with him daily due to him having ADHD and have chosen not to medicate him but instead work with him daily to help him out with all his daily struggles.

Our youngest DD at a mere 3 years old she is the most spunky and also energetic little ball of fluffy curly haired goodness we have ever met.

 I also inhale very deeply (suck) at writing about myself so I am going to make this short and sweet so enjoy your time looking around at all my crazy DIY's


  1. Well, now I know why your pictures looks so great.
    You have photography SKILZ!
    great pics.
    love reading about your DIY projects. You need to hook up with some hops!

    1. Thank you Pat I cant ever make up my mind so I just changed my about me again LOL.