Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Red chile sauce tutorial

I am not too great with recipes so today I will show you how I make red chile sauce from scratch. (with not too many accurate measurements, don't judge me I'm just not good at this stuff)  No Chile powder here.  Lets get started! 

Step one ( and i forgot to take photos)
You only need about 10 chile pods 
Deseed chile pods by taking off stems and shaking out seeds. Rinse off to remove dust and debris, place in pot of water and boil until pods are soft.

Step two
Place pods in blender until pureed 

Step three 
Strain into a pot using a fine sieve to separate, puree 
Here is what it looks like after they are separated

Step four 
add salt to taste and a few bay leaves, you can also use some garlic or onion powder for additional flavoring optional.  Boil for about ten minutes until all flavors are infused. Enjoy!

You can use this in any recipe for red chile sauce, I used this to make tamales for dinner. 

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