Monday, September 16, 2013


We have lived in this home for 5 years and it has only been one and a half year since our backyard has been landscaped. I managed to do this with a little bit of help from friends and family, while my husband was deployed last year. 
close up of our grass a photo sent to daddy while he was deployed

A few years ago I had made some pavers  with a similar mold that my neighbor had let me borrow but I got tiered of where they were placed and decided to rip them up and pile them up, knowing I would eventually do something else. please don't laugh at my backyard it was dirt for a long time. When I tried to grow grass all I got were weeds and not the nice kind of weeds we got nasty sticker/prickly seed weeds.

 The man had been wanting artificial grass but man oh man was that stuff expensive! until finally we looked on eBay and whadda ya know they have it!  sent off for some samples and finally ordered enough so that the kids could safely play on the play house 15x15 ft. we had it delivered to a friends workshop since shipping to a business was free, grand total of the grass was $450. they also threw in another roll of cheaper looking grass in 10 x 15 size but that was horrible it was white! Who in their right minds would want WHITE artificial grass! oh well I would find a use for this.
Ordered 6 tons of pea gravel for $200 delivered and 2 tons of crusher fine for underneath the grass.
metal edging to contain the crusher fine and grass for $80 large stakes to stake down grass and weed barrier for $40 then proceeded to get to work 
lay down weed barrier and stake down. 

measured out where I wanted the grass to be at and painstakingly with the help of my  17 year old little brother staked down the metal edging ( this is definitely a two person job) some how it still wound up crooked. Filled in with crusher fine and moving two tons of crusher fine is not an easy task. Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow finally was done raked all in place and hand tamped it while slowly wetting it. Once this was done I began arranging my pavers into the areas that I wanted them, spacing them out about two inches apart and placed pea gravel in between.

For the grass I rolled it out onto its designated area stretched and used stakes every 10 inches here is a time lapse video for you and sorry for my naked kiddos running around. the only way I could have installed the grass was by tipping over the play house because I was NOT going to dismantle it. I had four of my neighbors come over to help me with this. I also found a use for the White piece of grass that came with mine I placed it underneath the actual green one and it provided move cushion, you can see it as I move the grass over it. 


Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!


  1. Your back yard looks like my front yard right now.
    Even in its worst state... your's looks better. Ha!
    Anyway-- I like the Xeriscape plan of this yard! No need to water OR mow!
    Is that a chicken coop I see back there in the corner? Do tell.

  2. You are one ambitious lady! Your back yard looks fabulous, your children must love their play area very much.

  3. Thanks Cindy, the man tells everyone that I am the handyman of the house, and when i'm on a roll there is no stopping me lol.
    Pat yes that is a chicken coop but my wonderful neighbors called animal control on me and I had to get rid of them. I still have them, well technically my mom has them at her house which is in a town an hour away from us. I am still trying to get the city council to approve backyard chickens in my city. long story short I tore down the coop because I was getting sad just looking at it empty and that is where my cob oven sits at.