Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring break

Today is the final day of my kids being on spring break, and I must admit it that it has been an extremely long week and I have survived it (well mostly. more on that in a bit) Between soccer practice, ballet, guitar lessons, housework, work, and countless appointments. Spring break is over and we have made it thru unscathed. I really do wish that we could have gone out and done something fun for our spring break but with the man barely having started working that made it impossible for us. Anyways we made it thru with only one ONE almost devastating disaster.
My son thought it would be a good idea to start our hay bale on fire yes I repeat OUR 6 year old started a FIRE! Now I have no clue as to where he managed to find the lighter. We keep all lighters hidden and locked up because he has started smaller fires before. But none as big as this one, It took just a few seconds between me gathering laundry from one room to the other for him to run back in the house screaming that there was a fire! I managed to keep cool and calm even though hay burns extremely fast and it just happened to be sitting about a foot away from our house. And that's basically what our spring break consisted of. I will now leave you with a horrible image of our backyard. it will be getting lots of TLC this next week as I go out and  Do some MAJOR clean up and plant my seeds for the garden.
Umm yeah reality looks horrible and this is what a very neglected yard looks like :( 

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