Friday, September 13, 2013

Goodbye filthy carpet

Bwaaaha ha ha ha ha, ok ok not my best evil laugh but hey I tried
So last week I spent all Friday ripping up our filthy carpet. and I have spent the last week pondering what im going to do with the bare concrete. here are some ideas we had 
1. acid stain and seal
2. paint it yep just paint
3. tile
4. vinyl planks
OK so lets be real we are on a tight budget, and I like to be thrifty OK  OK I will admit it i'm am cheap!  I've been thrifting before Macklemore made it cool.
then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I had seen someone use brown paper and sealer. Onto the research!
Aha I was right!! whoo hoo 
talked to the hubby he wasnt too convinced but oh well like always I LOVED it and I am going to do this! 
went out and bought items needed for this project 

slowly working on this as I go, but for now i leave you with the before and please don't look to closely at our mess ok here is the before wall to wall carpet

 And here is what I found when i began ripping up the carpet LOADS OF DIRT!
yes I apologize for the horrible during photo. but hey I did just spend half a day with a 3 year old ripping up carpet after all the mess was swept up and furniture back in place. we actually lived with the bare concrete for a few weeks as I was busy with work and was still doing my research on the flooring

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