Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I tried my hand at canning today, lets hope I did it right and I don't wind up getting us very sick.

My tomato plants are still giving me lots and lots of tomatoes and when I say plants I really mean bushes because I never did get around to pruning them and they grew out of control! one is a little over six feet tall, and the other one gave up on trying to grow in the cage and fell to the ground where it has been giving me lots and lots of cherry tomatoes. and I had a voluntary roma tomato plant that grew on its own behind the shed it is also sprawled on the floor happily giving me romas.

I also made Ketchup earlier this one is not canned, but was made with tomatoes from the backyard and it came out very very delish!

aaaaaaaaannnnnnd on another completly diffrent note I have yet to finish my living room floor. but I have moved in a coffee table and the couch. hopefully I get motivated to finish the rest of the poly coats on it.

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