Thursday, September 19, 2013

I LOVE craigslist!

A while back I had been looking for some bunk beds for my two youngest little ones and by back then was last year in Sept. Yes it has been a year since this makeover but I still have to share it with you. Back to the bed I found a gentleman who was selling a bunk bed for $40 when I went to check it out I saw this and fell in love with them. OK OK they were not too bad for $40 here is the kicker they had no railing, still not bad. While I made my decision the guy says "well since I don't have the rail for it you can pick anything else in the garage that you like" I looked at him like he was crazy and prompt fully said OK. I didn't see anything else that had caught my eye then I saw it a HUGE decorative mirror. she came home with me too but I will leave you in suspense about that one for now here is the redo of these beds.
 Brought them home gave them a good wash and a light sanding and got to priming them here they are primed. I was going to do them a bright color and then decided that I liked them in white. so I used a gloss spray paint and finished them up.

The Beautiful AFTER! and don't worry my son has a guard rail on there but its one of the toddler ones and it did not look very nice for the photo, I will also have another post with the whole room finished soon.



  1. Did you get the mattress with the bunks for $40? Just curious...
    I like them painted white. I bet the kids love them. Boys are like that...aren't they.
    I can't wait to see the mirror and the room finished.
    I'm watching for it.

  2. Yes Pat I did get the mattress as well. gave it a good cleaning and it was good as new.