Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shower curtain re-do

I love my shower curtain and just recently painted my bathroom gray with a half a gallon that my neighbor gave me. The bathroom sat there with no other color other than grey black and white, and it was starting to get me bored. I tried adding in some pops of color but the colors I liked still looked to bland ughhh. and to top it off my walls feel like they are a mile high maybe because they are about 12 feet tall! Anyways I began looking online for some good colors to add into the bathroom and finally I came up with YELLOW!
Youngest DD and I took a trip over to Walmart and began the search we found a great cotton fabric for only 2.44 a yard two yards later and a few other items to redo the bath and we were home. washed the shower curtains and began to work. Here is a quick tutorial and I apologize for the bad photos my camera is still being repaired and it doesn't help that the bathroom is tiny and dark.
Measure out the shower curtain
cut the two yards of yellow cotton in half. see the line I cut right down the middle and that became the new addition

After measuring out the ruffling. I had about a foot left over that I cut off.  I used my serger to serge the three sides that would be fraying and left the selvage unserged

I used my ruffler foot to create even ruffles but the easy way to do this is to set your machine to the longest stitch and turn up your tension to the highest number. and sew a straight line you will see the ruffles gathering.

Lastly attached the new ruffle skirt to the underside of the shower curtain. I also purchased another inexpensive shower curtain liner and serged it to my exsisting shower liner to compensate for the additional length and cut off the excess. Now place everything back on the rod and hang up.
Total cost for this project was $7 pretty nice if you ask me.
Now I have to try and rescue my poor fridge because it is making a very loud and annoying squealing sound so I hope its not on its last leg. Keep your fingers crossed

shower liners sewed together


The finished result!!

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