Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We got hitched!
we have been together for 9 years and we have finally decided to get married. We set the date for Nov 23, 2013 and were joined by our kids, and close family (who drove 12 hours to join us on our special day)
it was not a grand event. We chose just to have a lunch buffet at our home and the ceremony at a park.
Lucky for us I chose the coldest day of the month to get married. all month long we have had wonderful weather in the 70's and 60's super sunny and beautiful, then BAM! we get a severe cold front and super cloudy day on the day of our wedding. We were also under a snow storm watch! IN NOV! IN NEW MEXICO!!
The ceremony was great freezing but great, everyone huddled close together just to stay warm! got a few photos and raced back home. we started the fire pit in the back yard and ate lots and lots of yummy food. Turned up the music and got jiggy with it!
Around 10 pm it began hailing then snowing where it continued snowing until the next day for a grand total of 3 inches. Now I leave you with the photos from the day and some of the snow the next day. Please try not to pay to much attention to the fluffy bride.

we painted a canvas instead of a sand ceremony, I had intended for us to drip the paint down the canvas but it was so cold that the paint was to cold to drip down.

the kids painting the canvas

Our oldest, our nephew and my best friends daughter.

The view out the front door

Here is a breakdown of our DIY wedding cost's
Wedding officiant $165
Wedding dress $60 including shoes
Grooms outfit-free (military uniform)
Flower girl   - $6 Pre- gifted outfit from grandmother cost is just for shoes
Flower girl 2  $11 including shoes
Ring bearer $8 including shoes Pre -owned outfit given to us for free this is just for shoes and tie
Father of the bride button up shirt ,slacks and $6.50
Flower bouquet and other flowers for ceremony hand made $2
Glass toast glasses & 8 large wine glasses  $4.50
Ring bearer pillow $2
Cake $10 ( brides mother decorated it, baked by bride)
Food $20 buffet style food prepared by bride, mother and mother in law
Canvas to combine family instead of sand ceremony $1
Paints for canvas $6
Make up and Hair -free from friends/neighbors
Photography - free from friends
Minus $50 gift card won from a Halloween costume contest
Grand total  $252!
most items were purchased at thrift/second hand stores, already pre-owned or gifted to us

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